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About us Sort-mech production of screening machines

Sort-Mech excels in innovative screening machine manufacturing. We are experts in designing advanced machines for diverse industries. Our machines embody a relentless pursuit of perfection. This ensures their outstanding performance and reliability. When designing each machine, we tailor it to individual customer requirements. Thanks to this, our company is recognized in the market as a supplier of tailor-made solutions.

Advanced Screening Solutions
Our machines are at the heart of our business, screening a wide variety of materials, from soil to coal. Indeed, each screening machine is a testament to our commitment to innovation, designed to offer reliability, efficiency and ease of use. In addition, we ensure that our equipment meets the highest industry standards, further underscoring our passion.

Join Our Satisfied Customers
Contact us to see how our screening machines can boost your company’s productivity. Our goal is to offer solutions that exceed expectations. We’re committed to providing excellence in screening technology.

Advice at the Highest Level

We treat each project individually, drawing on our extensive experience to provide customers with expert advice and machines tailored to their specific needs. Our team is ready to help you choose the perfect screening solution for your business.

Innovative Design

We are leaders in creating innovative solutions, such as screening machines with double drums, which increase efficiency while reducing the size of the machine. This is a breakthrough in screening technology.

Stationary and Mobile Options

Our screening machines are available in stationary and mobile versions, offering flexibility and convenience for a variety of applications and working environments.


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We follow best practices

As a long-time manufacturer of screening machines, we follow best practices and technologies, ensuring the highest quality of our products.

Discover the World of Advanced Screening Solutions with Sort-Mech

At Sort-Mech, we constantly strive to make our drum screens versatile and user-friendly, aiming to meet varied user needs. Our design uniquely combines the latest technology with ease of use, thereby ensuring each machine exceeds market expectations.

Our machines, emphasizing durability and efficiency, are ideal for robust industry needs. Moreover, advanced solutions guarantee optimum performance in all conditions. Consequently, Sort-Mech emerges as a leader in the screening equipment market. To learn more about us at Sort-Mech, our specialists tirelessly work to adapt to the industry’s changing demands.

At Sort-Mech, we focus on sustainable production. By designing machines to minimize environmental impact, we achieve high screening efficiency. This commitment to green solutions firmly establishes us as an industry innovator.

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