PTO driven screeners


Innovation and flexibility

PTO Drive Screeners: an Innovative Solution.

Introduction to PTO Drive Screeners

PTO (Power Take-Off) driven screeners – efficient, economical, ideal for industries without electricity. Operable up to 20 HP, easy to use. Additionally, they are mobile and independent of external power sources. They also offer simplicity in operation and installation, enhancing work efficiency.

Efficiency and Accessibility

Minimum Power Demand

Our screeners require minimal power, making them economical to operate. A tractor with about 20 HP is sufficient to power them, making these machines accessible even for smaller farms and businesses.

Operational Benefits

Mobility and Independence

Thanks to PTO (Power Take-Off) drive, our screeners offer mobility and independence. They enable efficient material screening anywhere. Not requiring electricity access is a significant advantage. As a result, they considerably expand the range of potential work sites. This is key for flexible business operations. Additionally, these screeners are easy to use, which translates to user convenience.

Economy in Use

The energy efficiency of PTO (Power Take-Off) driven screeners contributes to lowering operational costs, crucial for companies focused on reducing expenses. Additionally, they enhance profits through more efficient fuel utilization.

Practicality and Efficiency

Simple Design and Ease of Operation

Due to their simple design and easy operation, PTO (Power Take-Off) driven screeners ensure efficiency and reliability. Their quick tractor connection and straightforward configuration make them ideal even for less experienced users, further facilitating rapid adaptation and enhancing work efficiency.

Summary: Ideal for Many Industries

Versatility and Application

Our PTO (Power Take-Off) driven screeners are an excellent choice for those needing efficient screening equipment in places without electricity access. Their versatility and ease of operation make them valuable in industries such as construction, agriculture, and recycling.

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Photos & Video

Check out the attached photos and video to see how our devices facilitate work. Clear visual presentations highlight the functionality and efficiency of our screeners. The demonstration video details ease of use and effectiveness in various working conditions.

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