Electrically and PTO driven screeners


Versatility and Economy

Reliability and Versatility

Screeners with both electric and PTO (Power Take-Off) drive ensure reliability in any condition. The electric motor offers high energy efficiency. Additionally, the PTO option allows operation in areas with limited electricity access. This combination makes our screeners versatile, capable of meeting diverse terrain and operational requirements.

Economy and Energy Saving

Thanks to the electric motor, our screeners have low energy consumption, reducing operational costs. In situations without electricity access, the PTO drive option enables efficient screener use, minimizing the need for additional devices like generators.

High Performance and Ease of Use

Our screeners with electric and PTO (Power Take-Off) drive not only offer high screening efficiency but are also designed for ease of use. Their ergonomic design ensures comfortable operation and quick user adaptation, significantly increasing productivity.

Adaptability to a Variety of Applications

Practicality in Different Industries

Sort-Mech screeners, ideal for the construction, industrial, agricultural, and recycling sectors, demonstrate the ability to screen a wide range of materials, from soil to coal. This makes them indispensable in many sectors. Offering both flexibility and efficiency, our screeners play a key role in effective work across diverse environments and conditions.

Solutions to Measure

At Sort-Mech, we continually strive to improve our products to meet the growing needs of our customers. Our screeners with electric and PTO (Power Take-Off) drive exemplify our commitment to providing solutions that are both economical and efficient. We invite you to contact us to learn more details and experience the difference our machines can make in your industry.

See Our Screeners in Action

Photos & Video

Check out the attached photos and video to see how our devices facilitate work. Clear visual presentations highlight the functionality and efficiency of our screeners. The demonstration video details ease of use and effectiveness in various working conditions.

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We have solutions tailored to your needs — our screeners. Contact us to learn more about them.

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