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Precise and effective

Sort-Mech Double Drum Screens - Efficiency and Precision

Action and Application

Sort-Mech’s double drum screeners revolutionize screening with their unique dual drum construction. A second drum inside the main one allows material to be screened through two different mesh gradations simultaneously. This design efficiently divides material into three fractions – fine, medium, and coarse – enhancing the precision and efficiency of screening. This innovation makes our screeners ideal for applications requiring detailed sorting. Additionally, their versatility allows for use in various industries, from recycling to construction.

Variety of Gradations

In our screeners, the first drum might have, for instance, 5 cm mesh size, and the second 2 cm. Material that passes through both drums is collected separately, as is material that only sifts through one of the drums, creating a medium fraction. The coarsest waste, which doesn’t pass through any mesh, is automatically removed.

Versatility of Applications

Double drum screeners are widely used in various industries, including construction and agriculture. They allow for precise separation of different material sizes, essential in processes requiring accurate screening. This feature enhances the efficiency and quality of work. Moreover, their adaptability enables use in diverse screening scenarios.

Individual Matching to Needs

At Sort-Mech, we create double drum screeners to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Customizing mesh sizes and drum configurations allows for designing machines that perfectly match user expectations in material gradation. Thanks to this flexibility, each screener can be precisely tailored to specific applications. Moreover, our screeners provide high quality and efficiency in various industries.

Contact for Individual Matching

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our double drum screeners and find the perfect solution tailored to your needs. At Sort-Mech, we offer not just high-quality equipment, but also professional advice and support at every stage of cooperation. Our screeners ensure efficiency and precision, which are key to your success. Furthermore, our experience and knowledge are always at your disposal to help you choose the best solution.

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Check out the attached photos and video to see how our devices facilitate work. Clear visual presentations highlight the functionality and efficiency of our screeners. The demonstration video details ease of use and effectiveness in various working conditions.

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