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Sort-Mech Stationary Screeners - Tailored to Your Requirements

Versatility & Specialization

At Sort-Mech, we tailor our stationary screeners to the unique needs of our clients, which works exceptionally well in industries like sawmills. We use them for screening along the entire length of the drum, with four different gradations, allowing precise separation of sawdust into various fractions as required. As a result, our stationary screeners ensure optimal outcomes, enhancing work efficiency. Moreover, their versatility allows for broad application in various industrial fields.

Variety of Sizes & Capacities

At Sort-Mech, we offer stationary screeners in various sizes, from 0.64m to 1.6m in diameter, to meet diverse screening needs. We customize stationary machines, as seen in the attached photos, which we have successfully created for many clients. Additionally, our design office is ready to create machines individually tailored to your requirements. This enables us to create unique solutions that respond to the specific needs of each client. In this way, every project becomes a testament to our commitment to delivering the highest quality machines.

Customized Projects & Applications

Not only do we manufacture stationary screeners, but we also create machines of similar design for other purposes. We are open to any proposals for similar machine constructions, allowing us to create screening lines fully tailored to individual client orders.

Contact for Individual Matching

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our stationary screeners and find a solution perfectly suited to your needs. Our specialists are ready to answer any questions and assist in creating a machine that meets your expectations. At Sort-Mech, you receive not just top-quality equipment, but also dedicated support and advice.

See Our Screeners in Action

Photos & Video

Check out the attached photos and video to see how our devices facilitate work. Clear visual presentations highlight the functionality and efficiency of our screeners. The demonstration video details ease of use and effectiveness in various working conditions.

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We have solutions tailored to your needs — our screeners. Contact us to learn more about them.

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