combustion engine driven screeners


Combustion engine driven screeners

Screeners with Combustion Drive: Ideal for Places without Electricity

Economy and Efficiency

Modern work demands efficiency, especially in the industrial and construction sectors. Our combustion engine driven screeners are perfect where there’s no electricity. With a 17 HP single-cylinder diesel engine, they provide reliability and efficiency at low costs. Additionally, their simple design and ease of operation facilitate quick worker adaptation, significantly boosting productivity. The robust construction of these screeners ensures their longevity, crucial in the tough conditions of construction sites and industry.

Economy of Use

Combustion engine driven screeners use little fuel – about 1-1.3 liters per hour. This makes them more economical than traditional solutions like generators. The low cost of diesel fuel further reduces operating expenses. This exceptional fuel efficiency lowers overall operational costs, crucial for businesses. It also positively impacts the environment by reducing emissions and supporting ecological awareness.

Maximum Performance

Our combustion engine driven screeners maximize material throughput, ensuring quick and effective processing. Thanks to an optimized screening system, they efficiently separate desired material fractions from unwanted waste, significantly enhancing the quality of the final product. This not only speeds up work processes but also boosts efficiency, minimizing downtime and increasing overall operational productivity. Additionally, the ergonomic design of our combustion engine driven screeners simplifies operation and maintenance, further improving work time utilization and reducing machine service costs.

Comparison with Traditional Methods

Energy Saving

Combustion engine screeners are more energy-efficient than electric motor models. Their lower energy requirement results in significantly reduced operational costs. As they don’t require access to the electrical grid, they can be used in remote or hard-to-reach locations, further enhancing their versatility and utility. Additionally, by eliminating the need for power generators, which are often expensive to maintain and operate, combustion engine screeners become a more cost-effective long-term option. This makes them an ideal choice for companies seeking efficient solutions from both financial and logistical perspectives.

Costs of Generators

Purchasing a generator for powering electric screeners is expensive. Our combustion engine driven screeners eliminate this need, offering a cost-effective solution. This allows for savings not only in initial expenditure but also in daily operational costs, making our combustion engine screeners more economical in the long run.

Summary: The Ideal Solution for Diverse Industries

Our combustion engine driven screeners are a great alternative to traditional methods. Their economical aspects make them ideal for the construction, industrial, and recycling industries. Moreover, their versatility and adaptability to various materials and working conditions make them an indispensable tool in these sectors, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

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